The Best Dota 2 Farming Heroes



I cannot stress how vital gold is in Dota 2. It is the in-game currency. No matter how high you hero abilities are, you will be useless without getting your necessary items. Some heroes have the ability to gain more gold than others. Most of these heroes are Carries since they have the most significant potential in the game.

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Based on statistics from Dotabuff, here are the top 10 best farming heroes: written by Patsiyoah


One of the most popular Carry heroes is Anti-Mage. A decent laning stage with babysitting support will enable you to farm an early Battle Fury. With proper timing, you can efficiently clear neutral camps. His high mobility and attack animation will give you a flash farming ability.

Earn more gold by:
· Gank high-mana enemies – e.g., enemy supports trying to ward
· Split push your lanes
· Maximize the use of your Blink

 medusa_full Medusa

Medusa relies heavily on her farming abilities. She can be the tankiest carry in the game with her Mana Shield, but early phase is not your friend. If you can stretch the game longer, it will be harder for enemies to kill you.

Earn more gold by:
· Use split shot during mid game (you don’t want to mess up lane equilibrium in the early game)
· Choose your team fights (stone gaze can turn around tables)

hqdefault Luna

One of the fastest pushers is Luna. Don’t you hate it when you lose team fights on your base and Luna’s Moon Glaives easily destroys your buildings in seconds? Moon Glaives also helps you clear creep stacks quickly.

Earn more gold by:
· Take objectives early game
· Win team fights before enemy cores get their BKB

Compete in Ranked Matches to win cash and prizes
Compete in Ranked Matches to win cash and prizes

Juggernaut Juggernaut

Juggernaut can deal a high amount of physical and magical damage. An early Battle Fury is also a staple, especially in pub games. You can play aggressively in lane allowing you to secure your farm.

Earn more gold by:
· Pick off lone enemies with Omnislash

Alchemist_icon Alchemist

The hero is the equivalent of gold. Greevil’s Greed can amass a massive amount of gold on a single creep killed. Although he’s reliant to his ultimate to do well in team fights, he has pretty good comeback potential.

Earn more gold by:
· Never let enemy cores outfarm you
· Radiance complements Greevil’s Greed well

So much items, only so many creeps to farm
So much items, only so many creeps to farm

Terrorblade_icon Terrorblade

Terrorblade’s Metamorphosis deals high damage during the early game. With Manta Style, you excel in split pushing and taking objectives faster. His high base armour makes you survive in the lane longer.

Earn more gold by:
· Farm different camps at once with long-lasting illusions

Shadow_Fiend_icon Shadow Fiend

Being an excellent last hitter is essential to play Shadow Fiend well. You can easily deny creeps from a one-on-one matchup in the mid lane. Avoid dying to retain your damage advantage.

Earn more gold by:
· A Shadow Blade-Euls-Requiem combo can kill most heroes easily

Meepo_icon Meepo

Meepo is one of the hardest carries in the game. You should practice your micro-management skills if you want to play this hero. Divided We Stand lets you summon another Meepo that will give you the gold and level advantage if used efficiently. That’s where your intensive micro skills should kick in.

Earn more gold by:
· Manage clones around the map looking for lone enemies, farming neutrals or joining possible team fights

download (3) Nature’s Prophet

Teleportation gives you a global presence. You can use it to push lanes, assists in a clash, or even kill dying enemy heroes that are trying to run away. Nature’s Call treants deal decent damage and can be used to block enemies or provide vision.

Earn more gold by:
· Micro manage your treants to exploit opportunities to kill enemies or push

download (4) Templar Assassin

Templar Assassin’s abilities make her a highly elusive hero. She can defend herself from massive damage with Refraction, reduce armour with Meld, and cripple enemies with Psionic Traps. With Psi Blades, you can clear creep waves and neutral camps quickly. Combining her dangerous threat to the enemy and ability to flash farm, you’ll surely give a hard time to your enemy.

Earn more gold by:
· Get an early Blink Dagger for mobility
· Learn proper positioning to maximise Psi Blades


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The article was written by Patsiyoah

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