XY Gaming’s introduces an Inventory system to the site!


XY Gaming has an inventory! We know gamers love to hoard items more than the average dragon. But what good would your hundreds of unused phoenix downs and frag grenades be, if you didn’t have an inventory where you could gloat over the huge stacks of ammo you will never use even against the final boss? We want to help you keep track of all the loot you’ll get from our site. Now you can see all the stuff you own arranged in a visually pleasing grid of equally sized tiles, just like in real life.


An inventory is pointless without goodies to put in it, so we’ve come up with some new prizes and reorganized how you receive giveaways. Previously, if you won a giveaway, you would get an email with a link you had to click within a week to claim that prize. Now that key ends up in your inventory, with a timer counting down how long before it gets recycled and given away again. Simply click on the claim button to let us know you want the prize! You might be wondering, are there really people who spend coins on entering giveaways only to never claim their prize? The answer is yes. It happens more often than you might think, and the motives of these strange people continue to baffle us. So please check your inventory, or at least your emails, regularly!


XY Gaming Crate Key
XY Gaming Crate Key

The other things that show up in your inventory are crates and keys. Keys are used to unlock crates. Crates are there to be unlocked by keys. You could say crates and keys go together like peanut butter and jelly, or fifthteenth century seafaring and rampant scurvy, or this blog and the marketplace blog. Have a read about how you can buy crates and keys!

Some crates only give you a random amount of coins – you won’t need keys for those. Some will give you only steam keys, others will drop either steam keys or coins. Click on a crate to see what might be in it. If you win a steam key from a crate, it will end up in your inventory, and you can then reveal the key. Later down the track you might be able to trade your unrevealed keys with other users.

XY Gaming Crates
XY Gaming Crates

Crates with steam keys will have limited quantities, so if you see a crate in your inventory that only has a limited number of unlocks left, act quickly! Since crates are a new feature for XY Gaming, we honestly have no idea how quickly they will be sold or unlocked until you’ve had a chance to try it out. So please, if you have any ideas or feedback, drop us an email at [email protected].