A Marketplace has been added to XY Gaming!


We are now proud to announce that XY Gaming has a marketplace! From the thriving bazaars of ancient mesopotamia, to the cavernous megamalls of the USA, marketplaces are the beating heart of civilization. For millennia, humanity has flocked to them to trade, barter, hear news about the world and connect with the community. So for those of you longing for the crush of the noisy crowds, the sharp smell of imported spices, the thrill of the passionate haggle, we recommend going outside, because we can’t deliver any of those things over a website. But we can offer you damn good deals on steam games instead.

Most of you will be familiar with crates from many other games and websites. For the sake of familiarity and simplicity, we’ve created crates that work much like you’d expect them to. Crates contain random steam keys, and you need keys to open crates. Where do you get keys? Why, you buy them with coins from the marketplace! You even get a discount for buying them in bulk.


Crates might drop on three different occasions. The first time you log in that day, any time you play a challenge, and whenever someone you invited plays their first challenge. These crates will show up in your inventory. We have plans to make crates drop for all sorts of actions, so read more about our inventory system and crates.



If you don’t have any crates in your inventory, don’t fret, you can purchase them directly from the marketplace. All crates bought like this will always be unlocked, and will go straight to your inventory where you can open them for free immediately. Have a look at the crates we have on offer by clicking on them for more details.

To demonstrate the power of this fully armed and operational battle station, we’ve given all existing users several free crates. Go have a look at your inventory! Some are locked, but some are unlocked. Which means you can open them for free. You’re welcome.

Future Plans

XY Gaming have grand plans for what our marketplace will be one day, but for now it’s fairly simple. Future features might be selling steam games back to the marketplace or other users, trading between users, lots of different crate types, more variety in the prizes and plenty of other ideas.  As always, we start simple so we can get feedback and your input before we go too far down any path, so please tell us what you think.